Thursday 7 August 2014

Increased Physical Activity Improves Cancer Survival Rates

Are You a Cancer Survivor With N.E.D.?

Cancer survivors can improve their chances of remaining NED through regular exercise

We live in a world of acronyms that are only meaningful to people "in the know". I have worked my whole life with PTs, OTs and RMTs who do things like measure ROM, use the IFC and put people through FCEs. What may seem strange to those outside my physiotherapy world is all very clear to me.

The Importance of the Acronym N.E.D.

One acronym that really sticks in my mind these days though, is N.E.D.! This has a special meaning to me, along with thousands of other cancer survivors. It means No Evidence of Disease. These are the best three letters you can hope to see written at the bottom of your doctor's chart. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that the follow-up test results have shown N.E.D.!

Increased Physical Activity Improves Survival Rates

But the question remains how cancer survivors can improve their chances of remaining N.E.D. One of the best ways is engaging in regular exercise.

A systemic review completed in 2010 by Barbaric et al, looked at the Effects of Physical Activity on Cancer Survival. They concluded after reviewing hundreds of scientific research articles that there is growing evidence demonstrating that increased physical activity improves survival rates in patients with breast or colorectal cancers. The recommended amount required to make a difference is a mere 3 hours of moderately paced walking per week. More recently, there is evidence supporting exercise with other types of cancers including lung and prostate. Surely regular daily exercise is possible for most cancer survivors and should be strongly encouraged by the medical community.

I believe it is time to challenge the meaning of N.E.D.! From now on... let us all remember that it really should mean NEED EXERCISE DAILY!

How to Get Cancer Rehabilitation

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