Wednesday 21 May 2014

Benefits of Exercise for Cancer Management

Incorporating Exercise into Your Cancer Management Plan

Exercise is one of the most beneficial things that cancer patients can incorporate into their cancer management plan

Physical activity is important in all stages of cancer. Many cancer patients are reluctant to exercise for fear of ‘making things worse” when in fact it is one of the most beneficial things that they can do. The scientific evidence to support this is growing and every effort should be made to incorporate exercise as part of the accepted cancer management plan.

How Exercise Benefits Cancer Patients

During cancer treatment 

  • Reduces pain and fatigue
  • Prevents decline of physical function
  • Manages stress and improves mental outlook

After cancer treatment

  • Increase energy levels
  • Assists in the recovery of physical function
  • Improves quality of life

During and after cancer treatment

  • Reduces the risk of cancer reoccurrence
  • Reduces the risk of developing other long term complications

Advanced cancer

  • Helps maintain independence and well being

How a Physiotherapist Trained in Cancer Rehabilitation Can Help

People living with cancer should be advised to gradually build up their physical activity to meet the recommended guidelines. A physiotherapist trained in cancer rehabilitation can assist them in preparing an exercise program that meets the energy expenditure amounts recommended in the research, in addition to making sure that they are safely adapting to meet any medical restrictions or physical impairments.

It is important that we continue to encourage, support and assist cancer survivors to initiate and maintain a lifestyle that regularly includes physical activity at all stages of their journey with cancer.

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