Monday 24 March 2014

How Physiotherapists Get You Moving Throughout the Cancer Journey

Staying Active Helps Patients from Cancer Diagnosis through Post-Treatment

Exercise reduces risk of prostate-specific mortality
In our rehabilitation of cancer patients we have found that exercise helps them in every stage of the cancer journey - whether during cancer treatment, after cancer treatment, or both during and after cancer treatment. In advanced cancer stages as well, physical activity improves well-being as well as independence. One of the most important ways we can support people regarding the recommended amount and type of physical activity is through carefully tailored cancer exercise programs and rehabilitation treatment plans.

Evidence Indicates that Exercise Reduces Cancer Recurrence

The evidence from cohort studies of cancer survivors indicates reduced mortality risk related to leisure-time exercise. A recent Macmillan Cancer Support review reports that with three hours per week of moderate physical activity (such as brisk walking), prostate cancer survivors had a lower risk of prostate-specific mortality of approximately 30%, as well as a lower rate of disease progression of 57%.

How Exercise Helps Cancer Patients During and After Treatment

  • During Cancer Treatment - Studies show that if they exercise during cancer treatment, cancer patients are less tired and experience improved physical activity
  • After Cancer Treatment - Research also indicates that cancer survivors experience better recovery of physical function if they exercise after cancer treatment
  • Both During and After Cancer Treatment - With regular physical activity both during and after treatment, the risk of cancer recurrence or the development of other long-term conditions can be reduced
At Cancer Rehab Canada we tailor our exercise programs to meet the specific needs of each individual patient, taking into account any special precautions they may have based on their diagnosis and medical history. Many modifications can be made that will safely allow individuals to meet their physical activity goals and, in doing so, improve their survival outcomes in addition to increasing their overall health.

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