Monday 13 January 2014

The Best Treatment for Cancer Related Fatigue

Studies indicate that 80% of people who received chemotherapy or radiotherapy will have some degree of fatigue

Cancer Related Fatigue Remains Number One Problem

The most prevalent side effect of cancer treatment is fatigue. Studies suggest that eighty per cent of individuals who have received chemotherapy or radiotherapy will experience some degree of persistent fatigue. In Dead Tired, Dr. Jane Poulson describes her experience of cancer fatigue as "unlike any fatigue I have ever known, not only in severity and longevity but in its effect on my mood and spirits".

 Exercise Lowers Reported Fatigue Levels by 40 - 50%

Physical exercise has been suggested as helpful in reducing fatigue
Although it seems counter-intuitive to most people, the best cure for fatigue is exercise. The scientific evidence supporting exercise as the best intervention for fatigue is very strong. However it is often difficult for those overwhelmed by fatigue to know how to get themselves going again. They need guidance to start slowly and gradually increase their exercise over weeks and months. Every individual is different and some people have medical precautions which make finding their safe level of exercise more challenging. Appropriate screening and modifications of prescribed exercise is extremely important.

Cancer Exercise in the Community

At Cancer Rehab Canada we encourage you to get out there and get active. We want you to find a safe and engaging way to exercise. For some people this may be doing Yoga or Pilates at a local gym, and for others it might mean walking the dog. Exercising with others in a group setting is often an excellent way to take your mind off your fatigue and motivate you to get going, but you need to be mindful that you are an individual and everyone is unique.

If you have any doubt about your abilities to do certain exercises, please consult with a rehab professional at Cancer Rehab Canada. Starting an exercise program after an illness isn't easy, and often a few simple strategies can get you safely on your way to a full recovery. Before you know it you will be able to enjoy increased energy and much less fatigue.

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  1. Great article. I am an exercise oncology researcher from Australia and we found that cancer-related fatigue was the #1 barrier to engaging in exercise. So based on prior literature, we put women with ovarian cancer during chemotherapy through a 12 week exercise study which ended up reducing their fatigue levels significantly. This was amazing and positively affected their quality of life. Come by my personal blog to read more articles such as this