Monday 21 October 2013

Standing Room Only For Cancer Rehab Training

Increased Demand from Patients Prompts Clinicians to Seek Out Cancer Rehab Training

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin
12 physiotherapists, 5 occupational therapists, 7 kinesiologists and 1 massage therapist take cancer rehab training
As a final taste of summer was sweeping across most of the country, 25 professionals from LifeMark/Centric Health came together at LifeMark Meadowvale during the last weekend in September. The purpose of the gathering was a one-day introductory course on Cancer Rehabilitation. "Many of the clinicians have recognized the lack of specialized cancer rehab services as well as the increased demand from patients, so they are eager to learn how they can improve their knowledge and rehab skills for cancer patients," said Judy Boivin, Clinical Practice Lead for Cancer Rehab Canada.

This is the third time Cancer Rehab Canada has offered the course in Ontario since March 2013, and it has been fully registered each time, with some participants being put on a waiting list.

The group consisted of 12 physiotherapists, 5 occupational therapists, 7 kinesiologists and one massage therapist.

Taught by Judy Boivin and Swapnil Rege, both registered physiotherapists, the session's content included:

  • Pathophysiology of cancer
  • Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation
  • Side effects experienced by cancer survivors
  • Rehab techniques that have been proven to be beneficial in treating these side effects
  • The importance of safety considerations when working with cancer patients
  • Latest research confirming the need for cancer rehab

Cancer Rehab Services - Transitioning from Illness to Wellness

Special emphasis was made on the provision of rehab services for all cancer patients to help them resume their normal lives as quickly and fully as possible. So many people need help in the "survivorship phase" transitioning from illness to wellness.

The hands-on educational session was hosted by LifeMark Meadowvale, and participants traveled from as far away as Windsor and Ottawa to be involved in the training.

LifeMark/Cancer Rehab Canada now has 30 clinics able to offer this standardized cancer rehab program in their own communities across Ontario.

To find a Cancer Rehab Canada near you, visit the list of British ColumbiaSaskatchewanOntario, or Nova Scotia locations.

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