Monday 15 July 2013

Cancer Rehabilitation Improves Cancer Survivors' Quality of Life

Cancer Rehabilitation Benefits Optimal Recovery

Why aren't cancer patients routinely offered cancer rehabilitation services to help them return to normal life? These services are regularly provided for recovering cardiac patients and patients who had joint replacement surgery. Yet those people who have had cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgeries such as masectomy, are often not receiving cancer therapy or rehabilitation service despite the growing scientific evidence that it is very beneficial in obtaining optimal recovery.

Cancer Survivors Often Suffer From Disabilities Associated With Cancer Treatments

Cancer survivors benefit from client centered, active rehabilitation & empowerment
Cancer survivors often suffer from the side effects of their diagnosis and related treatment. Their functional impairments may include persistent fatigue, radiation fibrosis, chemotherapy fog, lymphedema, frozen shoulder and pain. Many of these conditions can be improved with interventions from a rehabilitation professional with specialized training, such as a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or massage therapist.

According to the Canadian Partners Against Cancer, there is estimated to be 1 million cancer survivors in Canada today, with that number expected to increase to over 2 million by 2020. Physical disability is a leading cause of distress in this population. It is critical that this population be appropriately screened and treated for their impairments, so that we minimize their disabilities and maximize their quality of life.

Cancer C.A.R.E. Provides Client Centered, Active Rehabilitation & Empowerment for Cancer Survivors

Judy Boivin, a registered physiotherapist and cancer survivor, will be blogging about ways that cancer survivors can feel better, stronger and happier. Judy has recently developed and implemented an evidence based cancer rehabilitation program at 24 LifeMark/Centric Health locations across Ontario. The program provides Client centered, Active, Rehabilitation and Empowerment for cancer survivors. This service is appropriate for anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis and is receiving or recovering from cancer treatment.

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